loosing a son

i lost my son who was 31 on 1st june and i am grieving alot

It is a long journey we are on,as nobody plans for their children to go before them. My son died on the 17th of July 2023, so it will be a year he is dead.He died of secondary bone cancer, all within 3months.Try to think of the good times, I had my son for 47 years you had yours for 31 years.It does not matter how old they are they are still our babies.Take care of yourself as it is early days yet.

Hello. I also lost my son recently, im just lost and just having trouble believing its true.
Here to talk if you would like

I lost my son to cancer when he was 28.
I can’t speak to anyone as they would never understand how I feel.
I keep my grief to myself and everyone thinks I am coping well but I am constantly sad inside.

Yeah thats what im doing
Holding it all in.
Glad i found you all

New here. Don’t know what I should say
I lost my son he was 47. Brain cancer. I still can’t hold a conversation about him. I just cry. You must feel the same.
I smile. But it doesn’t come from my heart. I feel numb.
In the last 6 years I have lost so many people I don’t want to say. Day by day. Day by day. Prayers to help you. :pray: