Loosing a20 year old daughter ....

My daughter died 1 April 2018 … all was very suspicious and I have a lot of evidence too … she left behind two.beautiful daughters one I have who is six and the other 4 is with her sister … all down to county lines cover ups and a lot more … but I have to stay strong for her babies my granddaughter s and look at life different as I no I would not be here if I didn’t xxxx

Hi Claire47,

Welcome to our Online Community, you’ll find that everyone here has experienced grief, so will have some idea of what you’re going through. It must be so hard for you to have lost your daughter under suspicious circumstances, and I am in complete admiration of you for the strength you’ve found to care for your daughter.

We have several other parents on this website who have lost a child. If you’d like to read about other’s experiences this is a particularly active and supportive thread about the loss of an adult child: Loss of our son aged 27

Nothing can lessen the pain of your loss, but I hope you can find some comfort here, knowing that we’re all going through the same thing.

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I also lost my daughter in 3rd of December under suspicious circumstances I’m still awaiting to see what happened to my girl once pf finish this is now 11 weeks x

Mine took a year , as she died in assisted accommodation . She was one of 8 in her building who had died… most of them the services hid and also about my daughter…I had a lot of evidence but inquest ignored . Her autopsy was she died of young adult syndrome! The BBC WANTED TO USE HER STORY BUT AS THE INQUEST AT THE TIME HAD MADE ME SIGN A FORM TO NOT GIVE TO SOCIAL MEDIA… I couldn’t do it she even came down to Devon to talk to us her name is Innes Bowen , when I’m strong enough with her passing and my granddaughter s are older I will look into it deeply . If you don’t mind me asking how old was your daughter ? How are you feeling ? I’m sending a hug to you and if you want to talk I’m a good listener x

My daughter Chelsea was 22 left two little girls 6 and 4 my heart breaks so much for the girls youngest one always asks me to phone her mummy which is hard to answer at times I’m so broken inside

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Your granddaughters are the same age as mine , it is so hard for you , at first you have to stay strong it’s like you are in limbo or being strong for everyone else , you feel like you are going to break… I have done a lot of silent screaming on my knees in the garden as you try to stay strong for your granddaughter s but inside your ready to break… it’s been 3 years 1st April and it hurts so much still … and always will but I also know I’ll be ok because lexie mae keeps grandma going her sister Lola is with my stepdaughter she adopted Lola from birth , I’m so lucky as I get to see her … I made a memory box with lexie and she keeps memories in it also she writes letters to her mum does cards on her birthday Xmas etc . Your daughter like me had left herself in her children and she will carry on … sometimes it hurts because I see my daughter in the girls and memories come flooding back … there is so much help for your grandchildren Councilling, from school and special ones like cruise … I’m very good at talking to myself and use crystals , talk to my daughter as if she s still there it helps me … I can say that I’m a good listener and I have done a Councilling course so when I hit the hardest moments I self help mostly, because some people can be overwhelming giving you sympathy when what you need is empathy and just to be able to release your memories and have someone to just listen and that’s all , so your memories good or bad come out when you need them to. I’m so sorry for babbling but would like to stay in touch if ok🤗

Thankyou so much yes I do feel as if I’m in limbo at times I cry a lot I also talk to her as if she is still here her boyfriend sent a. Valentines card thro post for her which I thought was sweet I also use crystals to help me yes would love to stay in touch I love speaking about her xx

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I’m so glad we will keep in touch , you don’t realise but you have helped me so much too first person in 3 years , always here if u need to talk got to go now as beds to change and bath lexie :blush:I’ll message you tomorrow but will say if you need to msg anytime :blush:big hugs to you all x

Well two of us can help each other Thanku xxx

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That would be good , :blush: xx

How are you doing today ? :blush:


Sorry I couldn’t get into my emails I have been a mess recently xxxxxx