Loosing an auntie

3 year’s ago my auntie was diagnosed with cancer she then passed on 1st February in a hospice her funeral took place yesterday and it killed me because not only was she my aunt but she was also like a parent too she helped me bring my 2nd son into the world and i am really struggling without her we usually phone each other or video chat on social media but ever since she passed it hasn’t been the same its been too quiet no one to talk to no one to hug no one to say i love you too i haven’t stopped crying nor have i even tried to get out of bed i just feel so broken without her i know she want me to be strong but i can’t it’s still too raw and too heartbreaking


I’m so sorry. It’s especially hard just after the funeral. Be gentle with yourself, she would understand that you can’t cope right now. You’re not alone, many of us here can relate and it’s a good place to talk about everything you’re feeling. :heart: