Loosing Mum and Dad

I lost my mother in law on the 6th June 2019, My Dad passed away 26th June 2019 of cancer , my Mum passed away 28th November 2019 of cancer, then my husband left me and ran off with another woman 5th June 2020 and now my only friend is in her final days she has cancer too. I feel so lost as I was an only child and the youngest in our family, so all the family I grew up with have all passed. I’m 52 with 4 grown up children. It’s been 3 years since I lost my mum and dad but have only just started grieving as all the loss was just too hard to try and process as I just feel unexplainable loss . My friend is in her last days with bowel, lung , cancer which has now spread to her brain, how am I supposed to deal with the loss of my dearest loved ones. I have been put on anti depressants for mixed anxiety and depression, but I also feel that I need some counselling to help me process everything. X

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so sorry. that is a lot. counseling was very helpful to me … I recommend it and for a year at least … you seem you could need it

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To have such a lot happen to you in a short time frame is to much to bare without support .

I’m so sorry for all your losses and your husband well I hope I’m time you see him leaving was a blessing . Hope he feels guilty for the rest of his life with leaving when you needed support . Sorry if I’m overstepping but you deserve better .

Don’t struggle alone , reach out

I’m new her but I need to feel better and I’m reaching out xx

You’ve had a lot of significant losses in a short time, is it any wonder your feeling so lost. My husband has also recently lost both his parents and his best friend and he’s not coping and he’s pushing me away and wanting to leave me. I’m trying to cope with my own feeling of grief and now I’m grieving for the potential loss of my marriage. So I can empathise with how you must of felt when your husband walked out for another woman as you must of felt abandoned in your time of need. Seek out support as you’ve been through so much and you need to rebuild your life and process all you’ve been through.