Loosing mum

I lost my lovely mum May last year. I seemed to be okay initially, what I thought as ‘normal’ but Christmas was like hitting a brick wall at 100 mph and then life completely unfolded. Couldn’t cope with working any longer as this was the place mum died in, and everything is a constant reminder of my loss. I can be happy one minute and the next burst out crying. Is this normal 16 months on? Will it ever end?


Dear @Sandie3

Welcome to the Community. I am sorry to hear of the loss of your mum. There are no words to describe the pain of grief and bereavement. It is a painful rollercoaster ride of emotions with up and downs on good days and bad days. What you are going through is normal and part of the grieving process. For some people it can take years of grieving. Please be gentle with yourself and take one day at a time. Grief is a journey to be taken at your pace.

Sue Ryder has information on Losing a Parent which may be of help to you.

Please take care and continue to reach out. You are not alone.


I lost my mum in March this year too and am finding it difficult to come to terms with. Can be ok one day and a total wreck another. So hard losing your mum :heart:

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