Loosing my beautiful little sister

Hey I’m new here and struggling a little. I lost my only sibling on the 10th December 2023 suddenly, she fell asleep and didnt wake up. My dad found her. We where laughing and joking the day before she was found at her home, at first I was so angry she was too young to leave this world (28), her funeral in 1.2.24 , my daughter was super close with her aunty, it was a huge shock for everyone. I went back to work after a week of been off as needed routine. I feel so guilty and angry at the moment and I’m struggling to sleep and when I do have a decent night sleep I’m exhausted still my body aches. she was such an inspirational young woman who took care of others not only as her job but also lots of charity work. She has left a huge whole I’m so many life’s and if truly missed by so many .


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Hello @Pidge,

I’m so sorry for the loss of sister. It sounds like she was an amazing person. Thank you for reaching out to the community - I hope you find it to be a support to you.

I’m sure someone will be along to offer their support, but in the meantime, you may find these Sue Ryder resources helpful as you cope with the death of your sister.

I can see you’ve got an 8 year old daughter who was close to your sister. We know that supporting a grieving child can be really hard when we’re grieving ourselves. You might want to take a look at these resources:

Books can be a good way to help children understand death and grieving. If you search online you can find lots of suggestions. Here is a list from Scholastic .

I know that’s a lot of links, but I hope that some of them are helpful.

Take care,

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I understand how you feel, it’s very hard I am struggling at the moment to, but at least we have this group to talk to people about it as we are all in the same position, my family seem to be getting on with things but I find it a lot harder , but there is support on this group, so just chat and say what you need to, it does help take care


I’m so sorry for your loss :broken_heart::cry: The pain of losing a sibling is unbearable at times… I lost my little sister 2 months ago & trying to work through the grief best I can. Please know you’re not alone & thank you for sharing your story :heart: Sending you lots of love

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See I’m getting on with it however I’m broken inside I’m been strong for my parents it’s been a long 9ish weeks and they seen I’d been crying the other day and they where relieved I’m usually the cryer of the family my sister was the strong one but I don’t know where this strength has come from during this awfull time.

Iv found it helps to talk about it in totally open about the situation sometimes I get upset and sometimes I don’t today when I left work it broke me tho as we lay her rest tomorrow and everyone’s support as I left was amazing and I believe it’s because of a super sting support system iv been able to get to this point.

Sorry for your loss :sparkling_heart:

Take care

Sending love and strength for today. It’s my son’s funeral in a few hours and I’m sitting here in silence waiting for someone to visit. I’ve had a little cry but trying to be strong for my eldest son. I know as soon as the car arrives with him I’m going to struggle. It’s all so wrong going before your child. Everyone has said I’m strong but I cry and get angry he’s not here when I’m on my own.
My youngest brother passed away unexpectedly 2 years ago and the funeral service is at the same place. I struggled with my brother leaving us so soon but in time I found it easier to accept I would never see him again and I look at photos of him as a child with a smile. Anniversaries are still hard but the tears are further apart.
I hope today goes as well as can be for you all x


Thank you lovely it went as well as it could of so hard this, I managed to read a poem, have just got home and it now feels strange been so quiet and I get in my own head a bit.

Sending love to you and hope it went well also xxx

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Hi Pidge… I lost my sister to cancer on 5/5/2023 I understand your pain. My oldest daughter looks up to her like a 2nd mom. My sister didn’t hav kids and my daughter was like a daughter to give. She gave my sis a chance to be a mom on earth.

I am losing my mom too… She lost her will to live since my sister went home. My mom is making my grieving process very hard. She blames us then she blames herself etc… shes living in agony and pain. It’s so hard to deal w/. Of course she has major depression too.
I feel very lonely. At times, something pooped up in my mind or I see something and I wanted to call or text my sister or call her but realize I cannot do that anymore.

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Sorry to hear lovely.

I have sent my sister messages and photos. Iv also got a book I write to her in, writing little updates into things that have happened I find that’s helped massively and have found comfort in that. Yes my daughter who is 8 was extremely close with my sister sleep overs days out lazy days we seen her 3/4 times a week and I think she if finding it hard… She doesn’t speak to me much about my sister ( don’t think she likes seeing me upset) but will talk to my mom and dad which they themselves have found comfort in. I got my little girl a pillow sent from heaven and she hugs that every night I explain it’s ok to be sad and it’s ok to laugh.

I have got some counseling coming up I’m not sure if it will help but I’m hoping it will.