Loosing my best friend to Cancer

Recently loosing my Friend to Cancer has made me numb to life :broken_heart: was trying to keep strong :muscle: but some days i just have days when i feel :sleepy: like crying at work at home it should get better in my mind but again no one can understand until someone has lost a friend. Why ive joined is hoping i can let people no its never going to be easy getting back to yourself again as ive not only lost my friend but my Dad to and my partner eight years ago also my step mother so much grieving going on in my head and heart right now :broken_heart: but i no we have to get over this but im not sure how to get rid of the pain in my heart


I don’t believe we ever get rid of it? You have lost people before, you will know that it doesn’t stop, we have to live with it because we loved them. It is our constant reminder of the love we had.

I hope in time that will be a good thing, a good reminder of the man who loved me and gave me a wonderful life.

Losing all that you’ve lost is so hard. I’m sorry you’ve had to go through this again.

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