Loosing my dad

I lost my dad two year’s ago week before his birthday it would have his 80th birthday last week just feel sad lot of the time miss him so much my daughters hadd a baby just have he died my dad would have loved him i wished he got to mmet him and now my mother in law passed away on Monday so hurt all over again

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I’m so sorry for your loss @Kathy49 , your Dad just two years ago and then your mother in law only a few days ago, such a lot to cope with.
It’s so hard when new family members come into the world and our special people that we have lost don’t get to meet them. It’s bitterly unfair. Sending you big hugs and solidarity.

Thank you i just feel sad most of the time i just wish i could have just one more day to tell him all about think that are going on in my life i wish i had been there when he died i had left him because i had to go to work but was going back after work but he passed away before i got back

That’s so hard. I really relate to the wish to talk to your Dad and tell him all about what’s going on in your life.
I don’t know the circumstances of your Dad’s passing, but I have heard of people saying that sometimes people let go when their loved ones are not there, like they are ‘sparing’ them from seeing them pass. But I understand that you did want to be there, and so that’s a hard thing to have to hold. It was ambiguous at what precise point my Dad died, and I do find that difficult, but equally I feel like because he wasn’t conscious then he would have passed peacefully and not been aware, so that has a crumb of comfort.
Sadness is there with us, two years is so short, I’ve heard from people who are further on in their journey that the grief stays the same but that you grow around it and find more opportunity to feel emotions like joy and calmness xxx

My dad was ill for a long time he had to have oxygen he had copd dementia he didt what to get in the last couple of weeks then the Wednesday befor he died we had to get a amberlance for him but there nothing they could do because we ask for him not go back in to hospital again so they told use he had 24 to 49 hour left so stayed with him funtill the Thursday n8ght had to go because i had to go back in to work on the Friday i watched him on the camera i had in the house he was call ing me at 4 oclock in the morning so whent to see him be fir work told him i would be back at about 10 am my brother phoned me at 9 to say he passed away cart for give my seld for not been there i was with my dad every day