Loosing my darling Stephen

I lost my darling Stephen last June :cry: I just can’t pull myself together… I know it’s early days… people say u have another son … he needs u … u must be there for him … yes I am… but I can’t get over that il never see my darling Stephen again or hear his voice :cry: If I live another 30 years… I don’t know how il cope :cry: he was only 24 :cry: me and his brother Andrew are heartbroken :broken_heart: lost :cry: … I have no friends I see … or family… they live abroad or not near us … I just wish I had a friend meet for coffee … I had one really close friend but his always falling out with us… I’ve had enough now … it’s always me who goes to make up with him … I think why should I … I’ve lost my darling Stephen… yet u can keep falling out with us… I know his only friend… we have been friends years … but his making my mental health bad … keep falling out with me… I can’t take no more … I know it will happen again… plz advise on what I should do… surely no one would keep falling out with us again and again… for stupid reasons… all I do everyday is lay on settee… or housework … I think if this all my life is now … it’s rubbish … me and Andrew close … sometimes u just need someone else to talk to …

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I’m so sorry for the loss of your darling son Stephen, @Nicola1964. Your loss is so recent and it’s understandable that you are struggling.

It sounds like you are feeling very alone at the moment and I’m really sorry that you’re not getting the support that you need. I wanted to make a few suggestions that might be helpful, but I know that reaching out can be hard so please, do be gentle with yourself.

There is a busy, active support thread for people who have lost children here: Loss of our son aged 27

There are also organisations which offer face-to-face support for people who have lost a child. The Compassionate Friends support families who have lost a child of any age. You can call them on 0345 123 2304 to talk and to find your nearest group.

If you think it could be helpful to try and make new friends, you might want to look at Meetup.com. There are lots of people out there who may share your interests and you can meet for a coffee.

Take good care, you are not alone.


Hi thankyou for that …