Loosing my husband

Hi I’m new to this site I lost my loving husband in May after a massive heart attack with virtually no warning.I managed to give him CPR for 20 minutes until the paramedics arrived and after three attempts they managed to bring him back. I thought that everything was going to be ok but sadly after 6 days we had to withdraw his life support as he never woke up and they was to much lack of oxygen to the brain I cannot come to terms with this loss and struggle every day to try and imagine my life without him.I have family that are very caring and supportive and my grandchildren have been a great comfort to me.We would have been celebrating our golden wedding in two weeks time Teresa

I am so sorry for your loss.
My wife died of cancer on the 2nd of July we were 25 years married in April past.
I also struggle every day the longing and loneliness is unbearable she was 51 and had so much to live for. Life’s just awful at the moment so please take care of yourself and don’t think you’re all alone there are lots of us posting on here and suffering terribly.


Hi Teresa

So sorry you’ve lost your husband and joined us on this site. Your Golden Wedding Anniversary will be particularly hard for you to get through. I’m glad you have a supportive family around you but as most of us know that doesn’t replace our husbands. Keep posting on this site about how you feel - there are always people who understand and will be supportive.


Hi William, I really sorry about your wife.Cancer is a terrible thing I lost my best friend to cancer two months before my husband died.The days are long and the nights so lonely.I cannot see a future for me at the moment and grateful to have someone that understand you take care Teresa

Hi Scorpio,Thank you so much for replying,yes it will be very hard on the 21st September I am going to Oban with my sister to sprinkle some of Tommy’s Ashes as this is the place we went to on our Honeymoon and Tommy had suggested we go back there for our Anniversary.it makes me cry every time I think of what lies ahead for me.I was so unsure what to do with his ashes and in the end decided to have him at home with me which may sound strange but gives me some comfort that he is always with me.My GP has diagnosed me with PTSD and I am now seeing a counsellor although early days I think it will help, Teresa

Hi Teresa
So sorry to hear about your loss. I lost my husband Carl on the 2nd July very suddenly too. He died of a heart attack whilst in the gym and I was swimming next door. He had already died before I got to him. It is such a terrible situation to be in. Like you and everyone on this thread, we are all lost without our other half. I find it hard to think about my life going forward too. Just keep doing this and getting your feelings out. We know how you are feeling and we share your grief.
Lots of love xxx

Hi Teresa, I’m so sorry for your loss. My husband died 7 weeks ago due to a stroke caused by complications from the blood cancer he had. He also had his life support turned off and there was no response to the tests they do. We never got to say good bye properly. It all happened over a couple of days. We thought he had more time. Every day is so painful, such an effort to.carry on when all I want is to be with him. We did everything together. We are all suffering terribly and we have to carry on. The only thing that helps is this forum where we can share our feelings… Take care, Sandy

Hi Sandy, I’m so sorry fro your loss making the decision to withdraw his life support is the hardest thing to come to terms with even although I know he would never come back to me is still hard to understand and accept.Not being able to say goodbye is the worst thing and it was so unexpected. You are so right when you say every day is painful and how do we carry on and reading forums on the site helps me to know I am not alone and other people understand and feel the pain that I feel everyday.Take care

Hi LinF, I’m so sorry this has happened to you I know exactly how you feel.My husband had just woke up in the morning and asked me what are we doing today I said nothing special these were the last words he said,he just went into complete cardiac arrest and stopped breathing,I did my best with CPR until the paramedics arrived but always wonder if I did enough for him, I know they managed to resuscitate him but it was too late.I just cannot see away forward for a life without him and hope that one day we will be able to accept what has happened to us
lots of love Teresa xxx