Loosing my Kev

My dear husband Kev. Went into hospital with a slight heart attack. They arranged a stent to be fitted. Whilst doing the procedure they cut his Aorta. (It’s a risk factor apparently). So he shouldn’t have passed away. This I’m finding extremely hard to deal with. I’ve lost the love of my life, my future all the plans we had. My life seems worthless right now. I get up, put one foot in front of the other and walk this lonely road of hell. This happened October 2023. It’s only a short time but somehow it’s like it happened yesterday. It’s an awful painful feeling. I have support from our wonderful daughters but the loneliness is overbearing. Coming back from work to an empty dark house. It’s not a home anymore without Kev.
I’m sure you all know how I feel. Life must go on and hopefully one day I can smile again without it being fake. Good luck to you all on here. I’m so glad I stumbled across this forum. X


‘i carry on, like nothings wrong,
but i find it hard to smile.
i bear the cost, of all i’ve lost,
but i had happiness… for a while.’ - r. suzuki

So sorry for your loss

Not to add to your emotional stress at such a delicate time - cutting of the aorta during stent insertion is not a standard risk factor, there isn’t even a quoted statistical occurrence it’s so rare
I don’t know details but hope there is an ongoing inquest or one has been initiated

I’m glad your daughters are supporting you - the emptiness and deafening silence of a house that was once a home is most bitter pill to swallow :disappointed:

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Oh jules that is so sad and having lost my husband in October I know how you feel the house is empty but I do have my little dog unfortunately I do not have any family and Christmas was hell but I am sending hugs to you and thank goodness you have family

That is so terrible. I am so sorry for you . It is so hard to come to terms with losing your partner . I’m glad your family help . It’s a struggle to get through each day . I went abroad for Christmas as this first was too painful and my son wouldn’t have coped otherwise . Take each day carefully and be kind to yourself. Xxx

My husband did not have opportunity to have a stent fitted. They took off his temporary Pacemaker and knowing his heart was only 40 per cent functioning didn’t try even because there was not enough to go round. I think it was very unlucky that it wasn’t successful when usually it is.
It reminds me of my baby died after a junior doctor bungled the amniocentesis which left scaring and eventually my baby died.

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