Loosing my little girl

I never know where to start especially when talking about this becayse currently its a struggle for me but I really need to do this for my own mental health. My little girl passed away on the 17th of December 2022 she leaves behind me and her 2 older brothers. Isla-Mae was a week and a half off of turning 3. She was my only little girl and I absolutely adored her and still do. She has this very soft very cute little voice and the biggest blue eyes with the blondest hair. She was perfect. I will never understand how or why my dolly girl was taken from me and i have tried every narative in the book to try and help with coming to terms with it i.e believing that god needed her in heaven more than I needed her here. But I am broken, deep to my core I am empty. My eyes have been sore, my heart has been broken and my mind is shot. I just want my baby girl back. I struggle with the fact that I will never see her grow, I will never know who she would have became and that I will never hear her call me mommy again or hear her tell me she loves me, I tell her goodnight every night, i tell her how much i love her and how missed she is and tell her about mine and her brothers day. I ask her to visit me in my dreams so that i might see her again. I wish this was a nightmare, if i could i would rip my heart from my chest so that the pain would stop but with the pain i feel closer to her, she is worth every tear but i just feel so lost. I am still awaiting pathlogist report to find cause of death so i still have no closure. I just want to wake up now, i want to open my eyes and see my little girl smiling when i open them.


Ive just read your post and im crying along with you . I lost my daughter on 17th January, she was 26 so not a child but she was MY CHILD . My heart too us ripped apart and i stoll cry every single day . Im so sorry you wont see her grow into a young lady . Oi dont know what to say to help you but im thinking of you :yellow_heart:


Thank you fo responding, im sorry for your loss and im sorry that your also on this journey. Our children are our whole world. I have been a superhero, I have been a ballerina a fairy princess, i have been an action man, ive been the home that carries them until they take there first breath in this world and now i am broken. :broken_heart:

I dont know how to get through this . I dont want the life i have now ,its a whole different life . I feel different in myself ,i don’t know me anymore . I feel as if my friends are strangers but i know that i have amazing friends ,ots me thats the issue . Do you have support ? :yellow_heart:

I feel the exact same. I feel like I can no longer laugh like I used to, I feel like I am constantly holding my breath but almost like I cannot breathe at the same time. I just wish this was a bad dream, that I am going to wake up amd it will all go away. It hurts so much. I have support however no one really talks about Isla anymore, I write more about her now because I feel like everyone is fed up of hearing me speak about her. Her death has affected me but it feels like I’m didn’t bother or affect anyone else in my family and that hurts because I feel like im in the grief alone and that she didnt matter to anyone but me.:sob: it just hurts

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I feel the exact same ,everyone must be fed up listening to me . I feel bit silly mentioning her cause i always have to say she USED TO do /say whatever . Its always in past tense but you cant keep talking in past tense ,it will eventually sound stupid. I wont get fed up listening about her :heart:i moght not have known her but we have both lost our little girls​:heart:

Thank you so much, i am here for you too and I will listen to you for however long you need :heart:

Hi Louise firstly please except my sincere condolences on the loss of your beautiful baby girl. I cannot begin to imagine how you feel not having lost a child, but it must be the worst pain ever. If its not bad enough to lose a child but so near xmas as well with two other children to care for ,my heart goes out to you and your family. Your darling girl will be forever in your heart . She’s grown her wings only god knows why he needs so many angels of all ages. My sister died aged 4 many years ago she would have been 63 now I’ve missed so much over the years . Hope you all can find some peace in the months and years to come she will always be in your heart. Xx

Tell me about your girl . Sometimes i find it helps because x

Thank you so much for your response it means a lot xx

Isla-Mae was a fire cracker, so bubbly and so fierecly independent she knew what she wanted and how she wanted it and she was literally 2! She was blonde, with rhe brightest blue eyes. Her smile was infectious and she had the dirtiest laugh :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: anytime she seen me she would shout ‘mommyyyyy’ arms out, she made friends so easily and loved babies. She loved to pretend to be mommy and feed her baby dolls and put them to bed and would even get me to play baby sitter for them​:joy: she made rooms so much happier when she walked in to them. She was such a happy girl. Loved to count especially backwards starting 3,2,1. She loved her brothers she loved to cuddle them and she loved painting and drawing especially at nursery in there forrest school they would paint with mud etc and she loved to get mucky! She wad a water baby and loved the water so much. Her favourite food was chocolate she would of had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner if she could have!!:joy::joy: life will never be the same without her, I had 2 boys before her which I love with all my heart but I remember when the sonographer told me she was a girl I couldnt quite believe it, I had my mini me and forever bestfriend. She hated having her hair done I would have to chase her around the house hair brush and hair ties in hand haha I eventually won :joy: I wish I could cuddle her so much​:broken_heart: tell me about your daughter. I would love to heat stories xx

Do you know how to PM on here ? X

She was 26 but looked about 18 lol . She also had an infectious laugh and even as an adult when she laughed everyone one else laughed . She had a mop of hair when she was born and when she went to school she could sit on it ,everyone commented on it . She had a wicked sense of humour and was a real daredevil ,drove her car like a maniac ,she wasnt scared of anything .,not even dying x

Oh bless her, I am 25 so shes practically my age. Thank you for sharing memories of your daughter with me. We will forever feel the loss of our children as if it was yesterday but we will learn to live with how we feel, do you have any other social media that we could speak on? X

Im not into social media really ,i have whatsapp and messenger? X