Loosing my mom

Been over 2 years since i lost my mom. Im 52 i have everythink from her house around me. I wasnt there when she passed so feel awful for that. She pushed the family away as she knew she was very ill so i didn’t see her. My family dont really talk about her so i just keep it in


Hello and welcome to the community. I feel your post tells us all that this week will bring back memories and feelings and I think yours is how many of us feel. The family don’t talk and no one wants to hear how we are feeling but we never forget the ones we love and with everything being about death at present, it makes it even sadder. Our thoughts and memories are very up close to us and I know how you are feeling. I suppose what I am trying to say is ‘we are all in this together’ and there’s no way out. Take care and be kind to yourself. S xxx