Loosing my mum

Hello everyone

I lost my mum on the 9th of August and this was devastating as you can imagine but the issue is i had an issue with my ear before my mum passed which resembled tinnitus although the doctor is convinced it isn’t that as I had a wax blockage and water behind the ear drum issue now ear is clear from wax and ears still do it time to time.

Could this be exasperated by the stress of loosing my mum may I also state that I have suffered from PTSD and OCD intrusive thoughts in the past who my mum was a very big part of getting me through that I also suffer from dry eyes which seems in my opinion to be more prominent sometimes.

Could all this be due to being exasperated due to loss of my mum.

We were very close may I add

Hi Kevin, losing your mum must be very hard to deal with, it sounds as though she has been such a great support in your life. I can’t answer your questions on medical matters but I do know that grief can be manifested in a physical way. After my dad died I had quite few minor ailments that were all attributed to grief. Have you spoken to your doctor? I think that might be the best place to start. I wish you well.

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