Loosing my mum

Lost my mum 33 days ago her funeral was the Friday just gone and I though I was handling things quite well until yesterday boom hit me like a train I can’t sleep, eat properly just feel empty and really really sad. Mum died unexpectedly she had a fall down the stairs and died instantly my dad found her was horrific for him .I’m not sure if I’m trying to deal with the way she left us or what feels like everyone seeing normal and carrying on. We’re were always together everyday spoke every night now nothing. It’s my daughters 21st birthday today and it so so hard to be normal I don’t want to be. I just don’t know what to do or say to myself… x

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Hi @Vickyb, I’m so sorry for the sudden loss of your mum. I think the funeral of our loved one is often when the reality of our loss can hit us.

I wanted to share our Losing a parent page with you - it may help you to make some sense of what you’re feeling right now. Our community is here to support you too - you’re not alone.


Thank-you I will have a look. Your so busy up to the funeral and then we’ll for me it went in a big blur and now it’s like what next how do I feel now etc… never ever been through loosing someone so so close so this is all unnatural to me. Glad I came across this forum it is helping me x

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@Vickyb it’s absolutely devastating losing your Mam, lost mine 6 weeks ago. I really feel for you what you’ve been through. It’s like everyday is just pointless I wake up, my heart sinks and I think roll on bed time when another day is over. Talking really help, and I’ve been listening to podcasts that feature Julie Samual she’s a fantastic grief counseller try listening if you can. I lay on my bed with my headphones on just taking time on my own to try and understand grief. We all know our precious Mams wouldn’t want us to be like this but just not possible at the minute. Keep strong my lovely. Pm if would help aswell.

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Hello Jane thank-you only just seen this… today is a hard day pretty much like everyday just feels with each day the more real it is :slightly_frowning_face:. Lost my dog yesterday too so it’s really pants at the minute… I’ve never listen to a pod cast what a good idea I will look into it thank-you.
Take care of yourself too xx

Aww poor you @Vickyb feel for you, I’d be lost without my dog yes give them a listen julia is so calming and she really helps you understand grief. She tells you how you have to give yourself a break from grief like going for a walk, watching a film or seeing a friend which after listening to her, I do now as you can easily just sit on your own sobbing all day which I was doing. My daughter says to me just take one day at a time mum xx

@Vickyb keep strong, you can always private message me if helps anytime your needing support

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