Loosing my mum

Im really struggling loosing my mum my best friend in january i found her and my heart breaks everyday im a shadow of myself now dont like going out the house i feel so much for my partner and kids as ive taken to drink to numb the pain i used to be such a happy person now im just a shell

Hello @Danlauren2. I am so sorry for your loss and for the pain that you feel from the grief.
I too lost my mum - a month ago tomorrow. It was completely unexpected and sudden. I understand so well, the feeling of being a changed person and not finding pleasure in things we used to.
It is such a heavy loss when it is someone who we love so dearly and who was a part of our day to day lives.
I have no answers as yet on the way forward but I do know that I owe it to my mum and myself, to be well and find some way of finding pleasure in life again. Such precious people are hard to live without.
Wishing us strength in finding a way to smile again in the not too distant future :heart: x