Loosing my newborn son

I am in desperate need of some tip on how to help coping with bereavement and trying to make everyday a little bit easier after loosing my son.

Hi, I’m so sad and sorry you have lost your son. I do understand what a difficult time it is when you’re having to deal with such overwhelming grief. I found being able to talk through how I was feeling (which changed constantly) helped. Sometimes it was with family or close friends who knew our story or with someone who had experienced losing a loved one. There’s always someone who’ll help you with your thoughts and concerns on here. Kind respects, x

So very sorry that you lost your son.
Do you have support from family and friends?
I am finding that counselling is helping from the point of view that I can say anything that crosses my mind without fear of upsetting someone.
Reading and posting on here helps too.
Sending you hugs. X

I’m so very sorry for you and know how you feel. It’s important to talk about your baby, he was part of your family if only for a short time and talking about him reinforces this.
I found making a memory box helped. I got a very pretty box and placed certain of the baby’s things in it. As I put each item in I talked about the baby and what she may have been like as she grew.
This happened to me many years ago and I still think of her. It will take a lot of time and tears before you get over your loss but, like me, you will.
Take care and be kind to yourself, take time to remember him and smile.