Loosing my partner to cardiac arrest

Hello my name is Amy
I am 29 years old
I lost my partner of 10 years on 2019
Unfortunately it was a cardiac arrest we have had no reason as to why this happened.
Me and our 5 year old daughter at the time witnessed him dieing…
Even tho I’ve had man counselling sessions I still feel like a part of me is missing… I miss him so much every day. I’m scared to carry on without him and although it’s been 2 years I still feel like it was yesterday :frowning:


Hi Amy so vey sorry for your loss it must have been horrendous for you and your young daughter. I’m older than you had my husband home in end of life have 2 grown up children who were with there dad when he passed just over a year ago. Hard for me they often say to me they can’t get the images out of there heads. So true. I hope you have family around you and friends to support you I know in my experience year on every one thinks your ok but we’re not. Keep chatting on here x

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Hi Amy I too lost my husband of 33 years to an MI and we had no warning signs Rob passed away September 2020 .
You just can’t explain the pain ,the emotions that you experience to anyone who hasn’t experienced it for themselves.

Rob was my rock, my go to person,he really was my world and now my world has been shattered and turned upside down and I don’t think I will ever get it set straight again .
Take care please keep chatting on this site Xxkarenxx


Hello, Amy, I’m so sorry for your loss. I too lost my partner of 18 years suddenly almost 7 months ago.
I’ve shedded tears in front of a few friends and relatives. I think they realise that you are sad but they have no idea the engulfing pain we experience everyday.

Like you, I still miss him on a daily basis. I suspect people might have told you to move on or you’ll find someone else later because you are still young. But little do they know when someone you loved so much died, your whole world died with them and it feels like there’s no ground to stand on, let alone moving on… It’s also unimaginable to think someone you meet in the future will fill that void.

People here understand what you’re going through, don’t let anyone tell you your grief should only last one year or two, it’s your own journey which cannot be rushed through.

Thinking of you and pls take care xxx