Loosing my son.

Lost my son on 28th dec to a rare form of spinal cancer. He was operated in and died 3 weeks and 6 days after it was removed it grew back so fast. He was only 24. I am really struggling as to how I am supposed to feel and be. I have returned to work as I like to keep busy but people make me feel I shouldn’t be there and should be at home.
I keep crying ns feel lost. Can’t believe he won’t be able to come and see me again. :disappointed:


I’m so very sorry for your loss. Your son left much too soon. Cry, it’s alright to cry. Heal yourself by accepting the loss, to find the courage to let go one day. Grief is the last responsibility of loving another. My heart goes out to you.

Im so sorry for your loss , i lost my beautiful daughter 17th September last year she was 23
She had a rare illness, had 3 operations they tried chemotherapy, which made her worse .
Here if you want to talk about your son , say his name, i know its hard i cry most days xmas was hard each day that passes you will find the strength to get though x
My thoughts are with u and yr family

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@Flopsy113 I’m so sorry you’ve lost your son. I lost my son last January after open heart surgery, he was only 35. It’s so wrong to lose our children so young, it kicks me in the gut every day. My heart goes out to you x

So sorry ,I lost my son who had learning disability last July, He died from secondary bone cancer , they could not find primary . He had masses on hips and spine, the cancer then spread into his bone marrow , making his blood go mad . He died within three months . It makes us parents feel so cheated and helpless it is so cruel. LeDeR are collecting data of early deaths of people with learning disability and Autism. I looked it up and filled in the online form .Also Guts support the less survivors cancers,I got in touch with them. I just hope it all helps. Take care everyone , and pray they find some more cures.

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I lost my beautiful daughter in November from a rare form of leukaemia, she had just turned 16 x

So sorry, Cancer is a terrible thing . It has no age barriers and a lot of time gives no symptoms,it is a cruel cruel illness. It hides and lays in wait to strike and strike again.more and more research is needed. My thoughts are with you.

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Thank you. Its so so hard. I miss her so much. I cry every single day. Hard to know how i can even go on without her. Xx

You have to try ,it is what she would have wanted. We have a large photo of my son on the wall,I know it seems mad but we talk to it every day. Lots of love