Loosing my teenage son

I struggle to write these words
And dealing with reality I shal never see my boy or talk to him ever again!
These are my hardest days, loosing my son only 4 days before his 19th birthday to a tragic accident and almost 8 months later I’m still in as much denial and pain as the first day!
I’m sorry if this is a long chat but this is my first time in speaking out and reaching for help and comfort

I have no idea what to even say to anyone here or if anyone reads these?
Christmas is only a week away and I’m absolutey gutted his not here to open presents and laugh with me, open his stocking in the morning and laugh as they are all random baby toys! Lol

Hello. My heart goes out to you. I lost my daughter 4 months ago but because she has children I must make an effort for them on Xmas day but like you I am dreading this first Christmas. I hope you can take some small pleasure in your happier Xmas memories. Thinking of you X

Oh Hays having just lost Christian only weeks ago I do share your pain but I am afraid I cannot help or comfort,it’s a long road ahead of us but at least we can walk it together and one day hopefully we will come to the end.Thinking of everyone on this forum who have lost their sons and daughters,this can be such a cruel world.


Hello everyone,
My name’s Helen I lost my son Sam who was 34 on the 9th December last year, so Christmas passed in a blur last year. This year my eldest son is doing the Christmas lunch and having all of us there so we don’t have to worry. I have written some Christmas cards but it’s a struggle.

Hay’s and Marina there is nothing I can say that will ease your pain apart from the fact that over the coming months and years the pain will still be there (it doesn’t go away) but it wont be quite so raw, there will be a dull ache rather than a piercing pain.
I am so proud of Sam and what he achieved and I can speak his name with pride. You too will get to that point, I hope you have support this is a time when you need your family and friends.

Thinking of you, with Love Helen

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I understand how you are feeling - I lost my 25 year old son almost 3 months ago and am very fearful of Christmas - I cannot bear to go in a shop because I am so used to buying presents for my son. I know this is not very comforting but I just want you to know I really do understand xxx

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