Loosing my youngest sister

My first time been in a forum, but decided I needed to talk to people who have maybe gone through the sand as I.
It has been a week after my sisters funeral and I feel flat, and I feel like I can’t cry or when I think about her I try remove the thought as it gives me butterflies, like something bad might happen.
Feel so bad writing this, just unsure why I feel like this.


Hi Kia, you are going through the grieving process, it’s different for everybody, no right or wrong way, it’s very early days and I think you are just starting to process the loss of your sister, take a day at a time, be kind to yourself and hopefully you will find this site helpful, with love Jude xx

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Hi Kia, So sorry for your loss. I also lost my sweet, beloved younger Sister. Your loss is more recent than mine, but I relate to your feelings.
Grief is an emotional roller coaster. Sometimes like you, I’ve felt “frozen” and other times the tears flow like a river. One thing I’ve learned is that whatever I am feeling is an expression of my love for my precious little Sister. You are going through enough, so try not to judge your feelings or yourself. The manifestations of grief often seem confusing and irrational, however they are all part of the process. Take care. Xxxx Another Sad Sister

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