Its been a few months now since I found my partner had passed away sometime in the night beside me. Its been tough - but I feel that I have done the best i can to regain some equilibrium - but most of the time i just feel lost.


I’m nearly 4 months in and there’s days that are manageable and days that aren’t. I feel like I just function for the kids but nights are lonely and the lost feeling is there when I’m alone, it’s finding a way to live with it which is hard

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Sorry for your loss, My partner died just over a year ago, Im still finding it hard to cope with, I do suffer with depression and anxiety and his sudden death just brought my mental health to spiral down again, but I do try my best to battle on everyday and keep going,the grief is always there, I’ll never stop missing him, people say to time is a great healer, but we will see, but there is no right or wrong to grieving, we all deal with things differently, I’ve just had the 6 weeks on line councelling, but feel I need more support

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