Los in life

It’s been a long long day, every minute of every day is consumed by grief. I can’t sleep, I can’t function. It’s so very hard as a single dad of 4. I just wanted to reach out if only to stop the pain. Thanks for your help and support and kindness. Life is tuff.



Truly sorry to hear about your loss :heart:

It’s really heartbreaking going through grief, I’ve recently lost my partner just two weeks ago and am finding this group is helping.

Sending hugs :hugs:

Thanks for reaching out. Talking about things should help.
Just take day buy day.

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Hopefully it’ll help talking :hugs:

It’s just so consuming grief isn’t it. How long have you been grieving?

Only recently. Looking about to see what support there is. I was recommended to look on here. How are you feeling today.

I feel your pain - it is so hard losing a loved one and harder still trying to hold it together for your kids when all you want to do is climb into bed and hide away from life.
I recently lost my husband and have 4 kids also - 2 of whom are teenagers and still at home. I just try to do one task at a time. And get through each hour at a time.
This community understands and I find that helps me to know I am not alone feeling this way.
Sending lots of love and support



Are you finding it helpful so far? I couldn’t find much support online. I just feel really lonely, anxious and in disbelief. It’s a surreal feeling loosing your loved one.

Try and be strong for your kids🤗


Yes every day is a challenge, it’s not easy keeping a smile on my face for my children. It’s often a stranger that helps the most at the most difficult times.

There’s plenty of help out there and plenty of organisations willing to help, however there’s a very long waiting list and it’s hard work getting hold of the support. I am using Mind, the Samaritans, Shout, and other support networks but nothing is happening :sob::sob::sob:. Just have to keep trying. How is your evening going. Bedtime is not a easy time.