Lose my loving Husband Nigel

On 15th March 2019 my husband Nigel passed away in hospital in under 24 hours he was only 51 years old we been married 16 years. I miss him so much fill so alone. Was in hospital a bit last year but was betting better to that day. Now my life ended I do not no what to do as he been taken from me to soon. So lost and unhappy.
Caroline [edited to remove personal details]

I feel the same I really know what greave is my darling husband died on the same day in front of me in my bedroom I’m staying with my son until his send off on Friday but I don’t want to go back to that house without him I just don’t know what to do he was my world

Hi Patti and Caroline, I have posted before, I am now twelve weeks on. Living alone now. Finding everyday difficult. Lots of support from family and friends but feel so alone without him. Still not sleeping great which exacerbates my grief. I went back to my house after two weeks it is getting easier being in the house, but I will never come to terms with my situation, that is how I feel at the moment. Cry every day. Am seeing a bereavement counsellor which helps a little but no one can fix our loss. It is so good to speak on this forum because sometimes I think I am losing my mind. Also feel anxious especially in the mornings. Do you suffer with is xx

Hi Patti and everyone in same position. I lost my wonderful husband of 39 years at the end of February. I find being in our home comfortable but struggle throughout the day. I was always highly organised and motivated now I’m a cabbage. I can’t make a decision/think straight or sleep. I have 2 amazing sons/daughters in law and 2 grandchildren and I try so hard to go through the “motions” of everyday life but end up being drained. I have never felt as lonely. Some days I can’t see any point in carrying on.

But you will carry on Sally Belinda because you have a loving family supporting you that must love you very much and would be devastated if they lost another parent, so think of them and their love. Go through the motions, just as we all try to do, grieve and hopefully we will all ‘open a door and find a light’ one day. Keep posting, there is always someone to ‘talk’ to and it will get you through the bad times and we all know exactly how you are feeling, we are there with you, your not alone. God bless and take care. Pat x xxx


Thank you, what a lovely message. You have given me some positivity. After a day from hell yesterday your message is uplifting.
Thank you.

Hi Sally Belinda. I’m pleased I could help, but we are all on a rollercoaster. Some days it’s very bad, others not so bad. People say it eases in time but I haven’t noticed anything as yet. I think I’m having a not too bad a day and then something will set me off. These days from hell are awful so come on here and tell us all about it. We understand and writing it out does help.
Pat xxx

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Hi Patti.
I lost my husband to Cancer last October and this is the hardest thing I have gone through even though I had breast cancer myself 3 years ago too.

I am with you my darling as I have felt and still feel exactly the same as you.
I have thought what’s the point!! I will never get over this it’s to hard and I feel like I have died with him some days the feeling of hurt and pain is absolutely horrendous to be honest.

We are told it will get easier in time! So I have to believe in that to keep going.
I have managed to get back to work full time and if family or friends ask me out anywhere at all I go wether it’s out for the day! Or a Chinese one night as it’s better than being alone every day plus it keeps me busy.

Sending you lots of love and hugs xxx


My lovely husband John only passed away at the end of February and the days just get worse. I feel weighed down with grief and broken. Then people ask “how are you and have you plans for Easter”, I know they are being nice but how can you make plans when you have lost the one person you always made plans with. My only plan is to get through the next day. If anyone would have told me how hard this is I would never have believed them. Sorry to go on but it’s been a bad day. X