Lose of 2 immediate family in 6 months

Lost my husband to Acute leukemia 6 months ago. We had been married for 48 years. Now 2 days ago I lost my son-in-law, who died in his sleep aged just 34. How do myself and daughter cope with all of this.

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Hi. Holland. Coping with such a double loss as yours is not going to be easy. If you have support in your daughter then that’s good. Do you have any other help and have you seen your GP? Even if you don’t want medication they can often help with advice and suggest places to go that may help. You don’t have to bear this alone as we are all here to help and give what little comfort we can.
Even just a little upliftment can help. Your daughter needs you and you need her. Sharing grief with a loved one so close can just about allow you to cope. Six months is not long, but maybe you were just beginning to emerge when another painful event happened. My heart and prayers go out to you both, as I am sure does everyone here. Please come back and talk to us if you want to unload any time. It’s what the site is about. I doubt I can say anything at this moment to bring you consolation. Words are totally inadequate. For the moment take it a day at a time and love and support each other. It’s all you can do at this moment.
Blessings, and take care of both of you.

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Thank you for your kind words.

My thoughts are with you both you have certainly been through such a difficult time. Jonathan has offered some great advice. I think counselling would benefit you both as well as crying and hugging and lots of hot drinks. I find hot drinks very comforting, whether its chocolate malted, hot apple juice with cinnamon or tea herbal or normal or even a wee tomato cup-a soup. Hot water bottles. Memory books making plans for anniversarys because you know its going to be difficult so do something nice to remember those who died. Thirty four is so very young and it will be so hard on your daughter especially after losing her father and you have also lost both but also have to help your daughter. so you have any other family that can support you in your grief. Also it must be hard financially at the moment dealing with a lot of paperwork both yourself and your daughters situation while all you want to do is give into your grief and you will have a lot to sort out. There is help and advice out there. Please access all the help you can. I don’t know if you know about this but there is a bereavemnt payment from the government for widows and widowers and I know the last thing you want to think about is money right now but you have obviously had a lot of unforeseen expenses just now and it may help with that if nothing else.it may give you a little breathing space. Talking of that if you are in Scotland there is a helpline called breathing space if you just need to get stuff off your chest they are good at listening if not a lot else it may be enough. , , Thinking of you and your daughter.

You poor soul, Holland, I am so sorry.

Our Dear Holland,
The community have such fine advice that helps in such sad times. The feelings of loss are so hard to talk about even though your loss is some time ago. Love for another can never be replaced, it is unique and therefore the more to be cherished. People go through life wanting to love and be loved, once found the scary thing is that it can be lost. But it was never meant to be lost originally as death was not part of God’s original purpose. And it still isn’t. God intends to reverse the situation and have this Earth as a proper home, a paradise for the human family. We pray for this, that “His Will to take place on Earth as it is in Heaven” Matthew 6:9,10. This includes the wonderful hope of the Resurrection, when loved ones will be reunited together right here on Earth with bodies that we will recognise but perfectly healthy and memories of life enjoyed in the past. As the world of human morals deteriorate, it means that we are getting closer to the time when our Creator will have to intervene and put matters straight. At that time he will also remove death and there will be a resurrection of our loved ones. This hope along with the fine practical advice from this community will help carry us along till the fulfillment of that hope. You may have some questions you would like to ask me. If so I would be delighted to hear them whatever they are.
[edited by moderator] My Christian love to you, Allen

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Hello I lost my Darling wife from Metastatic breast Cancer that had spread to the bones and after 9 months spread to the liver she was diagnosed in Aug 2019 & past away 20 July 2020 she was only 51 & we have a nearly 14 year old Daughter.
It would be my 23 Wedding Anniversary this Sunday.
I have never experienced pain like this I miss her so much.
12 hours after my Darling wife Tanya passed away I got a phone call to say Dad had gone which was so sudden.
I still can’t really get my head around it my emotions pour out daily.
Thanks Geoff