Lose of mum

I’m finding it very difficult to talk to my husband, about my mum death. He appears very cold and distant with me. My husband volunteers for Cruise. I thought he would really understand but, as soon as I get upset he walks away or gets very confrontational with me… I’m so lost, tired and confused at the moment. I seems to be going though waves of emotional…

Hi Caz,
I’m so sorry to read of your mum’s death and that you’re finding it difficult to talk to your husband about what you’re going through. Bereavement is overwhelming and it’s normal to feel lost, tired and confused.

Do you have any other family or friends that you can speak to about how you’re feeling at the moment?

Many of the people in this community have talked about going through waves of emotion and I hope that speaking to other people here in a similar situation will help you feel not quite so lost.

Take care,

Hi Caz

Didn’t want to read and run. I’m really sorry you are finding your husband little support. Maybe he is just finding it very difficult too? When I get angry, it is usually a sign I feel vulnerable so maybe he just doesn’t know what to do to help?

I really hope this forum helps you as much as it helps me. I completely relate to your waves of emotions. I think of grief like a journey through an ocean. The waves just come crashing over you suddenly then there will be a period of calm before another storm hits. When I get overwhelmed, I just let it happen now rather than fight it and I find this helps.

My advice is to turn to everyone and anyone who you can vent too. You will find people who can help and listen along the way. This forum is full of caring people who understand too.

Writing your feelings down helps in itself.

Take care and keep posting.

Ann x

Hi both, thank you so much for your reply’s. I actually, spoke to my sister and feel so much better for her understanding. I have also told my husband how I feel. Currently, I feel, less frustrated and emotional, but I know this is a journey and I’m riding along at present.

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