Losing a child

Lost my beautiful daughter, 30, this weekend 27th November, in bits

Thank you, I’m full steam ahead trying to get her body back , in denial, but will break once arrangements are in place, I’m thinking she is still alive, my heart gone rip when I see her body, it helps to know I can tx people that are greaving also x

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It’s a sad life sometimes, when our babies go before us ,

It is torture no one knows the pain we are going through
I have never felt pain anything like this before. I just can’t imagine being happy or having any kind of life again

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I’m scared of the gripping pain, I have want her back

Hi iris
It’s been 6 weeks since my son has passed it’s still very hard each day I still cry and say why, but I do get a lot of comfort talking to him


Hi Ian, I write conversation to her, I believe she can hear and read. It sounds like it’s been a very hard 6 weeks

Dear Iris
My heart breaks for you on losing your daughter and becoming part of the club that no one wants to be part of. I lost my son October 2019 - he was 30. I miss him so much :cry:. It’s such a shock to the system…

Just take each hour at a time…try and rest as sleep can be so elusive. Have you support from family and friends- difficult with Covid19…do you have a faith?

I never thought I could survive losing Henry. It’s become something I’m used to but the pain is the same.
There’s a lot of support on this site - keep posting and know we are here for you.

Thank you Purple for your words and compassion, all my family live away but phone,/tx regularly, I’m also moving vto be near my middle daughter, trying to arrange funeral from across the water, I still refuse to believe she’s gone, so grateful for this site, I hope there can be some easing of your pain soon,

It ebbs and flows…I hope one day you find yourself there. I remember thinking I’d never feel remotely like my old self but I find I am that person sometimes.

I have to be grateful for having had Henry for 30 years. :heart:

Hugs and love

Hi iris
Been the hardest time of my life. I have never felt pain like this before, only someone that is experiencing this will have any idea what we are going through, my life just seems so empty even though I have loads of family around me , I keep thinking it’s a bad dream


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Dear Ian
That feeling becomes part of you in the end. It’s awful at the beginning…shock and utter disbelief engulf you.
I don’t think it ever goes away but it can feel less at times.
I’m so so sorry knowing your pain. :cry: I had support on here in the early days and that really helped me. I hope we can help you.
It shouldn’t happen to us…it just shouldn’t :weary:
One hour at an time Ian.
Warm regards

I lost my 25 year old son on the 30th, his funeral is tomorrow, I think im still in shock, the pain is unbearable
I’m so sorry you have lost your girl. I’m not sure how to go on from this.
Sending my thoughts to you and hoping we can both find some strength from somewhere

I lost my beautiful son in June this year just 23 I’m still having waves of shock and disbelief I lost my daughter ten years ago just can’t believe it’s real the worst pain in the world wising you all lots of strength x

Jayne, im so sorry, the pain is terrible and like you its the shock and disbelief that we won’t see them again.
I cant believe that he is really not here anymore. I dont know how to continue on with this pain. I try to block it out with tv and drinking but I feel like I can’t stop thinking of him which is unbearable.
Sending you hugs.