Losing a husband at a young age

I recently lost my husband suddenly at the young age of 33, about 2 months ago now, leaving behind myself and my two young children. I believed I was doing ok, up in till a few days ago when I started to feel so alone, empty and heaviness upon my chest, the pain is horrific and I feel it all around my body. Im not sure if its because Christmas is just around the corner, and I know its going to be a difficult day. My patience has gone, every little thing annoys me. Does anybody recommend going to the GP or will I just be wasting my time. I feel as though I need something to take the edge off things, to help me focus and get through the day. Will this pain ever get easier?, I realise I am never going to get over his loss, but Im still young myself and I cant go through life feeling like this forever.

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@Jessica26 I’m so sorry for you loss. It’s such a young age. I’m older than you and so was my husband.

I was recommended to speak to the gp by the one who did my Covid booster, so yes talk to your doctor. It might be that they recommend you have some counselling or give you some medication to help you through. I didn’t want meds but I’m am talking to someone, and it’s helping me.

Sending you a hug.

Hi sorry for your loss at such a young age , my husband was 58 lost him February this year , would definitely visit your gp to discuss your options , with me it’s the fear of the unknowns we always planned to grow old together gp gave me small dose of antidepressants they take a while to kick in but do feel them working now take care look after yourself xxx