Losing a love one

Hi everybody
Sadly I losted my aunt this morning, my mum sister , I losted my mum only 2 months again . I’m still dealing with my mum loss and now I have to deal with my aunt’s too. The last time I saw her was at my mum funeral, and because of her mobility problems my cousin came by bus with her. She didn’t want to miss her sister funeral. To think that would be the last time I would see her is very sad . Life doesn’t seem fair . But at least they are both at peace, both of them had been struggling with there health. But I would still like my mum back ,but at least she has her sister with her now which gives me some comfort. My cousin and me just have to be there for each other in these difficult times.x


Sorry for your losses. There seems to be so many back to back losses at the moment. In two years, my dad died, my father in law died, my uncle died and now my husband has terminal cancer. I’d like to say it’s just the time of life and people getting older but my husband is 43. Life is very cruel.
Take care of yourself xx

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Hi nori
So sorry to hear about your husband what awful news and only 43 that is no age . What you most be going through and all the other losses you have had in the family, yes life is very cruel and unfair at times. But you just have to keep going on the best you can day by day ,you take care xx

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