Losing a Mum

The person that we are today, in most cases, is because of our Mum. She gave us life. Everybody keeps telling me how much I look like my Mum when she was my age, and it makes me feel closer to her somehow. That maybe when I am older, I can be even half the woman she was. My mum was just 47, and I was 22 when I lost her last month, and I can honestly say everything I am is because of her. I don’t know if anybody else who has lost their mum feels the same way, but on days where I feel so broken and so hopeless, I remember what my Mum would want for me. How she would feel to see me so upset, so lost… It would break her heart. I don’t want to do that. I am still heartbroken don’t get me wrong, and I will never fully heal, but on them days where I am finding it so hard, I remember the strength she instilled in me and I promise her that I will get up and I will try. That’s all we can do, keep trying. Even when its hard. They made us who we are and they would want us to keep going and know that they are always there. The love they gave to us has taught us strength and we must keep going for them :heartbeat:


charlotte97, that’s a beautiful poem and the words you have written are also beautiful. We never forget them, they are always with us. Thank you for sharing. Bless Charlotte.

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Thank you for sharing the lovely poem and your lovely words. Your Mum was taken far too soon. It is obvious from your post that your Mum has had a great influence on you and you are carrying on her memory by being as strong as you are. She would be very proud. I lost my Mum in March and the closer to Christmas it gets, the more I am struggling. She was 63 (just) and I am 34. I am trying my best to get through each day and make her proud by being the Mum for my son that she was to me, but it is very hard. I do believe our Mums are always with us, but it definitely doesn’t make it any easier. Take care x

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Yeah we all have to endure that pain at some point in our lives and there is truly nothing that can prepare you for that… Only way we could ever try to manage is to take the love love gave us all these years and turn it into strength… Hope you are okay during this Christmas period, it will be a very difficult one for so many of us this year its just so heart breaking :heart:

That is the sad truth of life unfortunately and one that our Mums cannot prepare us for either. Yes it will be so difficult for lots of people, the current situation has made grieving harder than ever too. I hope you manage to get through it OK too x

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Hi I lost my mum 5 years ago novemebr and christmas has always been the hardest time of the year for me, I miss going shopping with her and helping her choose all the grandkids their presents, I miss ringing my mum up christmas eve for the same advice on how best to cook the gammon she knew I knew how to but she played along bless her, christmas day she always spent with me and my son’s which we all loved. I have grandchildren of own now and sadly she never met them so I carry on her traditions to keep her memory alive. People told me it would get easier but it hasn’t yet. Thoughts are with all of those who also missing their mums this year x

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Hi, I lost my mum a month ago, i’m 21 and she was 57, i am an only child and don’t know my dad, i have been really struggling with knowing what to do day to day, the only thing that has been on my mind is planning the funeral and the house as it has been taken off me. im so sorry you have had to feel this pain too!! my mum was my best friend as i imagine your mum was yours also. today was the last day i could go into the house, the funeral is all planned for the 23rd and now i feel like its going to hit me and im going to crash. i dont know what to do.
im sorry for rambling.

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Hi Charlie99, I’m so sorry about the loss of your Mum. The pain is quite something else and you have so much to deal with on top of that :pensive:
Yeah the funeral tends to keep your mind very busy but once that is over and there’s not much else to plan, it will really hit you and I mean it’s been just over a month since my Mums funeral and I still cry every day, I still think about her every second and Christmas is just something I wish so bad I could put off but we can’t… I’m so sorry for all the pain that is still to come, but you are never alone, we are going through very similar phases in our lives and if you EVER need to speak to somebody and feel low please just message me. I know what you are going through and trust me it helps so much to speak to people who know how you are feeling because I won’t ever judge you. Never feel alone. I’m always here… look after yourself, I’m thinking of you :heart:

Hi, it has been about 3 weeks since the funeral and I feel like i am losing my mind, the situation of my living arrangement at the moment isnt allowing me to be able to grieve at all which i think is worse, i need to get a job to be able to get out of here but i dont know if im ready for a jo at the moment but its the only choice i have.

thank you for replying!! means alot!! xx