Losing a parent in this pandemic

Hi i lost my mum on the 17th of January to covid and i couldnt travel for her burial and i couldnt see my friends over here and grieving alone has left me destroyed i do cry most of my days when i look on the updates about travel restrictions it makes me more sad cause i am not sure when will i ever travel so i can get closure its hard its difficult i even need someone to help me go through the process i am broken or someone to talk to

Hi @Ruth22_63H I’m really sorry that you lost your mum, and because of covid restrictions you weren’t able to travel. That must be so hard, when you are already grieving for your mum. I can’t say that it is the same for me, although covid restrictions meant that I didn’t get to see my mum before she died because she had moved to a care home and there were no visitors allowed. I can empathise, because my sister lives in Canada and hadn’t been able to travel to see mum, and also wasn’t able to be at her funeral. It has been terribly hard for her being so far away from family and friends here, and I know from taking to her that she is struggling with the distance.

This is a really great place for finding support and sympathy, and people who understand what you are going through at this time. It’s so important to find that when we are grieving, and I hope you find that too.

Take care and keep posting
Nam xx

Hi Ruth, it’s very sad about your mother and especially due to covid. The restrictions are horrible when all you want to do is attend a funeral and even more so when it’s your mum. Things will get easier and life will improve, we all must have patience which is hard in your circumstances and I feel for you because I don’t know how I would deal with it.
Please don’t worry about crying or getting upset, that’s normal when we have lost a love one, it’s hard to be positive when things are in a state of turmoil . I am glad you have found this site, there will be support from others which will help you feel you are not on your own. Take care. xx

Thank you for the comforting words and i feel better havinv someone to talk to what strange times we are leaving in now

I agree about these being such strange times - I think it makes everything feel weird, and for me it makes grieving so much more complicated. So many things have been altered by covid, especially, like you, losing someone you love to it. Everything feels so raw and painful.

I feel the same about the lifting of restrictions on visits to care homes. We would have been able to see mum, have a cup of tea and a laugh about it all, just be able to be a bit more normal again. Someone on here wrote that it is like having all of that snatched away, and there is nothing we can do about it.

Mum died unexpectedly in February, and I am still crying so much - I miss her every day and can’t get my head round her not being here. I think there are so many people who really get that, and I find it helps to be able to talk

Hi to you both, it’s early days for you both, it takes time to come to terms with losing a love one but you don’t know until it affects you personally. There’s no crime or sin in crying, we all do it and for some we continue for many, many months because we miss them trouble. It’s a sign of our love that we feel lost, lonely and fearful of the future without that special person by our side. Take little steps and don’t be in a hurry because there isn’t anything to hurry for. Life will continue and things will improve, honestly but that love will continue for always. Blessings and hugs to you both. xx


Thank you for your support reading this makes me feel much better and will try take time to heal thank you

@Ruth22_63H sorry for your loss and the awful Covid restrictions.
I same as you sadly lost my dad in may last year he was too in a nursing home and could not say goodbye or by there on his last days I miss him dearly each day and still don’t think or feel it real.

I am so sorry it its a sad sad world we are living in these days i hope his almighty will intervine one days its like sometimes i think i am dreaming i have my mum’s mobile no and i forget that she is no longer here i try to ring her but to no avail ist tough i wish the goverment would just let is travel just for closure everytime i think of it it breaks my heart and soul

Hi Ruth, lost my dad to covid in January, I understand your pain. I try to walk but sometimes it is so hard to talk to people as that can be exhausting. It is just horrible. I hope you have some support around you or via phone, etc.