Losing a partner young

Its week 16 coming up since i got the phone call that my lovely beautifully husband aged 43 died in his sleep while he was abroad visiting his mum. The past weeks have been a blur, i cant believe i have actually survived them. We were together for 25 years and grew up together, i know nothing but him and now he has gone. They say time is a healer but i feel with each passing day my pain is getting intense. I miss him so much . I just don’t ever see if i can ever be able to enjoy anything in my life again.ive returned to work to be around people as being at home was too lonely and i just kept crying and waiting for him to come home. Life is so cruel how do i live within him , i cant see anything no future no hope nothing . I hate my life i wish every day for me to die , just like he did in my sleep but i still wake up and im still here . I know my kids need me but this life is so pointless now without him.i cant cope he wasn’t suppose to die so young so suddenly.


I am so sorry for your loss. My husband died suddenly and I feel I didn’t get chance to tell him one last time how much I loved him. It’s two years on and I’m struggling. This site is a place you can say how you feel. We are all on different stages of this journey but there will be people along who will help you and understand. Sending hugs x


Hi @Taz21 im so sorry for your loss, i have no words of advice but just know that your not alone in feeling that way. Have you spoke to your GP. Youre doing amazing just getting through each day and reaching out on here. Your circumstances are very similar to mine and after about 4 months i adopted a rescue dog which i truly believe Bri sent to me. We never had children, dogs were our family and i know dogs arent for everyone but hes definitely rescued me.
Keep talkin to us on here, were all here for you x

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Thank you for reaching out , ive been to my GP they have given me anti depressents and sleeping tablet’s, but i still feel so low, i just want the impossible to happen i want him home , i reiled on him for everything he was my everything . I feel life is so unfair. I am awaiting counselling due to waiting lists. This os the worse time of my life and i feel so alone in it , i feel unable to cope or manage my emotions i really don’t want to live because its too painful without him ,im just exhausted and tired i need a hug from him and he is not here to give me one. He will never give me one. Its horrible what has happened :cry:


@Taz21 I’m so sorry read that you lost your love of your life. Life is so unfair and cruel. I suddenly lost my husband 18 weeks ago. Went to work on the Saturday and Sunday I got a call from my son to say that dad had collapsed. Time I got home he was gone. He was 53 years old. Just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. I miss my husband so much and feel so lonely without him. All our future plans and dreams are gone. I have been paying for private counselling and have just joined a support group. I been told to not look into the future to much and take hour by hour. Baby steps. It is also the shock to our brain which cannot register what has happened. We were not prepared for this and thought we had many years to go with our soul mates. I’m trying to keep busy filling my time. Just gone back to work doing a few hours a week. Like you all I want is my lovely handsome husband back. I sometimes wonder what did I do wrong in life to have this life sentence then I remember my son and think he hasn’t done anything wrong in life nor my husband. Life is shite. Take care and big hugs xx