Losing a Partner

Hi Everyone so i’ve just been reading everyone’s words haven’t been on this site since losing my Husband last January, i can relate to everyone on here, hubby had been ill since 2002, i was his primary Carer, we had been married for 41 years, i still have days when i sit and cry like crazy and then i feel okay and am able to cope, i try and think of conversations we had, and hubby always said to me, when i’m gone i want you to live your life, go where you’ve always wanted to go, do what you always wanted to do but could not, and then hd hugged me so i think of happy time with him then i feel good again, so i can say time does heal little by little keep the faith.


Hi Kam, you a very right time does heal, little by very little but that love we have enjoyed is always going to be there. As time passes our memory does work differently but again that love is always there. I don’t know if this makes any sense to you but my love will never demise. It’s a strange thing is bereavement and I know now that he was and still is my soul mate and I think he is still watching me and sometimes guides me along this lone road. When this virus thing is over I do hope you start and visit those places that you have thought about because that was his wishes. Take care and remember to try and enjoy life.
Blessings S

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Oh Hello Susie so nice to hear from you, oh yeah i am saying time heals because my father died when i was only 5 and time has healed slowly, they do say you dont know what you hsve until it’s gone and by god, i am in tears writing this, i loved hubby so so much i hzve days when i can be fine, and then i cry uncontrollably and hubby died january 2019 bug it’s so Raw we were togrther 41 years


Hi so sorry for your losses. Grief is a horrible situation. I lost my wife Penny :heart: to METS BREAST CANCER age 67 on the 06 November 2019. Just 21 days after diagnosis. This time last year I was diagnosed with locally advanced Postate cancer. Miss Penny :heart: so much Christmas and New year went by now Easter we where married for 48 WONDERFUL YEARS. Life is so lonely without Penny :heart:. Now Coronavirus and isolation are making things worse. I know it has to be done to save lives. Penny was my world. Met Penny :heart: when she was just. 16 years old. Married Penny :heart: when she was 18. We lived just 15 doors from each other in the same road. Life just isn’t the same without Penny :heart:. I am 70 now and lost the one thing that I lived for and that special person is no longer around feel totally lost without her. Feels like I want to be tearful all the time.

Freddie, I am so very sorry for you and to say I know how you feel is to be truthful a load of rubbish and that is putting it politely. I do know what I feel and yes with this situation we are all in, it makes us feel even more lonely and alone. One thing that I keep saying is I am so thankful that my soulmate isn’t here to experience the shutdown because he wouldn’t be able to deal with it and I would have been extremely worried for his health. I am sure that Penny will be watching and saying you are coping with it all extremely well even if you don’t feel so. 47 years is a large part of your life and now to find yourself on your own is hard, we had 45 years and it just wasn’t long enough and yes there is this big empty space we’re ever I go, look or think, they say time heals, ok it does to extent but I don’t believe I will ever heal nor do I believe I have to. Were I am now will do, not perfect by any means but liveable, if that makes any sense to you. I can and have to survive but if I do become poorly then I don’t want to be ventilated or anything. The situation at present will go on for sometime and we are going to get lonely and sadder but if we know now then perhaps we can organise things to help us get through it. At present my garden is looking very neat and tidy which is something new and next is the cupboards which need emptying and I am sure the Sue Ryder shop will be happy about. Keeping busy does help. Finding what works for is a big ask but will help. I just hope reading this may give you some food for thought, everyone on this site feels the same because we have all lost someone we loved and there are many different postings about how to help, it’s just finding the one that helps you at that precise time in this journey.
It’s a journey that changes each and every day. Keep smiling even when it hurts. What do they say, when you smile the whole world smiles.
Blessings and keep safe. S

Hi haven’t been on the forum for while hope all have found some kind of relief to your pain after brevement. It’s been nearly 6 months since my darling wife Penny :heart: passed away. And it doesn’t seem that I am any nearer coping with my loss it just seems worse and harder each day Penny :heart: isn’t here.

Hi Freddie, yes it takes time and effort to get through those days when all you want to do is stay in bed and hide. Honestly 6 months is nothing in this horrible thing called bereavement and I know that’s no comfort but at least you know that’s what it like for lots of us and you are not alone. Be careful and keep safe. We are always here and sometimes just writing how you feel helps.
Blessings S

Hi Freddie I’m new on this site sorry for your loss mine has been 5 weeks it’s the most painful thing I’ve ever ever been through and am still going through. Everyday is different it really is xx

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Hi Freddie. I have also not been on here for a while am so sorry for your loss, we will always have better days than others, wewill have a good cry and that’s okay, but remembering the good times helps, in this time of uncertainty i personally feel god is talking to us and telling us to slow down and take care of the world around us, i hope you can remember better days mote frequently, take care,

Hi Alex2 I am so sorry for you with your loss and so recently as you say it is the most painful thing you go through we all ask how this has happened and why which at the present time made even harder with the Coronavirus outbreak. Life can be so cruel and lonely. Please talk on this forum as it does help. There are people on t his forum who know what grief feels like and whiling to listen when life has become unbearable. Just hope this gives you a little relief of the pain knowing people are listening xx

Thank you Freddie for your kind words hope you are feeling as well as can be expected x