Losing a partner

The tears I cry when I miss him the most will not bring him back, even tho maybe I think it will and that this is all a dream, it is 5 months since I lost him and spring and sun is upon us , memories flood back about this time last year when he was here and I have no joy in the warmer days and the lighter nights , it only increases how much I miss him and how alone I feel .


Dear @Anne9

We feel your pain. The first year of losing a loved one always seems to be a year of reflecting on the previous year as to how things were.

Please do not feel you are alone. You can connect with members here who have experienced what you are going through. The support is amazing.

Sue Ryder has recently launched a Grief Self-Help Service which has helpful tools and resources which may be of help to you. The website would be worth having a look at.

Please continue to reach out. We are all here for you.

Take care.


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I can really feel for you as I am exactly the same the seasons where run for us a farming life. I hate the sunlight and long drawn out evenings I survive each day and sometimes wonder perhaps I will not wake up tomorrow. They say time is a healer but reading on this sight is not giving me much hope and the thought bothers me.

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