Losing a partner

Im 11 weeks since losing my partner.i do feel im a bit better in the acceptance of his sudden death at 58…back to work and having counselling…there are 2 options in this horrible journey. We either accept it or we dont not easy i know but we jave to try for our families…my point today is how other people change towards you …there were so many people offering support now tbh ur pretty much on your own most ppl disappear which is probably normal.its a horrible journey but can only pray for strength and faith…that time will heal broken hearts


My heart goes out to you, try and be kind to yourself, you will think you are going forward then put of nowhere, you find yourself in a black hole and you need to claw your way out of it, that I find hard, you get a bit of confidence when you feel you are coping, then wham bang, your right back at the bottom. It’s one day at a time, one foot in front of the other, baby steps, but hopefully with the support of this group we can all get threw. Big hug xxx


@Jan271 I’m 3 months along the road now and it still seems early days. Be kind to yourself. As for friends I have had lots of different reactions. Some are willing to talk about what happened others seem embarrassed as they don’t know what to say. Some have disappeared. But today I met a friend by coincidence in a local cafe. She came over just hugged me for a few minutes and said ‘So sad, so hard’ I was moved to tears and so was she. I felt so much better. I can only pass on to you virtual hugs ‘So sad so hard’ Hope this helps you xx


I can’t believe it’s nine months for me as in some ways it feels impossible that much time has passed and in others it feels like another lifetime.
Yes, other people do get back to their normal life but I’m lucky to know that I only have to ask and I would have help and support from locals as well as my family. I know not everyone is that lucky.
Hugs to all