Losing a partner

Last week was one year since I lost my wife 29/6/23 I tried and filled the day up . I went to the grave and then met people from the bereavement journey group I went to . Finishing with fish and chips on saltburn pier . It was a really hard day and for the first time I didn’t want to go home


Bless you, they say the first year is hard, I’m yet to find out as only 22wks in.

Your post has triggered some memories for me as Saltburn is where my partner finished his coast to coast ride . Such as beautiful area.

It’s so hard for all of us but there are some better days for me now. We’ll always miss them

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Hi gremlin sorry for your loss .I live near saltburn and just interested in finding a local berevment group. Could i ask if they still.run the groups thankyou .

The baptist church ran a group called the bereavement journey in Redcar. I found it useful

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We had our first date in saltburn and it was our go to place for every occasion