Losing a partner

How are you all today? I know weekends are extra hard for some of you. I have managed not to cry so far this morning. Will be going to the cemetery later to put fresh flowers on my husbads grave, as my son and I do every Sunday . Always emotional, but something I need to do. Hugs to you all. X


@Dee44 Thank you for asking, I’m not too bad, only cried once when I was remembered that my husband should be reading his Sunday Times.
Hope your day isn’t too bad, nice that your son will go with you to visit your husband’s grave.
Hugs back to you x


At least it’s a bit sunnier today, not that torrential rain we had yesterday! Weekends are always a problem as everyone else is so, so busy but my daughter is supposed to be coming over later hopefully with the grandchildren which always cheers me up a bit. In a couple of weeks my daughter will be taking me to the natural burial site where we had Keef buried. I haven’t been back there since the funeral thingy as it’s quite difficult to get to but hopefully once I get a car next year it will be something I can do on a regular basis maybe to break up the long weekends.
Hope you have an okay day everyone. xx


Yes Sundays are awful. Good of you to start this thread. Have cried already today. Got up feeling lousy and knees are bad today. Remembering how my husband would hug and kiss the blues away. Sun is now shining so at least that is better than the wind howling around the house yesterday.


Yes today is tricky. Sundays aren’t good generally but today with some additional house problems, it’s been a hard one. Tears today but that’s ok.

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