Losing a partner

My husband of 40 years died in Jan 2021. Some days it’s a liftime ago, others it’s only yesterday. From that moment my life stopped. We used to go to food fairs & antique fairs for instance, but I can’t do that anymore as I can’t drive. I just don’t know what to do with my life anymore.


Hi, I can relate to how you feel over your life having stopped since your husband passed away. Similarly I feel as if that life has stopped, it’s been a hard road to try and rebuild from it. I hope this doesn’t sound flippant as I don’t know your situation but have you considered learning to drive? I ask as, at 53, I’m hoping to sit my test in October. I found a decent instructor and have been taking a couple of lessons a week as I can. Learning gets me out the house for a couple of hours a week, and soon I hope to have the freedom that a licence brings. It’s taken a while but I’m finding it really helpful, it allows me to hold a more positive view of the future.