Losing a partner

Lost my wife linda 14th December 2021 i always go to visit her and place flowers every Saturday birthdays Christmas and on our wedding anniversary so why do i always feel guilty coming away and leaveing her


Because like the rest of us you love her and want her back, we always will and for me it’s something that I have a long journey to come in coming to terms with. I can easily relate to what you say but I don’t think it will change for you,it’s part of the love you will always feel.

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I know the feeling. My mum passed 3 months ago and there usually isn’t a day when I don’t visit her grave. I haven’t been today because of the wet weather and feel a little guilty. Why do we feel like this? I guess because we love them so much and miss them. We definitely shouldn’t feel guilty, but it feels the same for me too. x

I will always feel guilty because i should have been with her the day she passed away i got home from work at 1.30 in the morning that day when I got the phone call from the hospital I will never forget that call I wish I could turn back time then i could have told her how much I love her and always will