Losing a partner

Its been almost 7 months since my husband has passed away i miss him so much just lately iv been worse than ever
Iv been to see a doctor and im borderline depression. Icant really explain but since my husband been gone life has got so hard. Xmass morning was horrible woke up with noone the worse xmass ever we always spent it together.new years day i felt so depressed since end of January my life seems pointless. I dont want to see people have been out but had to force myself. The doctors want me to go to a social activity club and talk to counselling but thats not gonna bring my hubby back and i dont see how things will get better. I fear if i stop thinking about him i will start to forget the things we did together. I think of him all the time. Im so lonely and sad i get angrey and bad tempered at little things like automated phone calls i even lost it at one person on the phone. I have had a few drinks but nothing big i have so many problems and ot all happening at once which is not helping. Valentines is around the corner and its gonna be horrible. My lufe will never be the same again. I love him so much and just want to be with him


Sorry for your loss and I feel your pain. I also go through all the emotions you are dealing with. I loss my husband 3 month’s ago and tomorrow is our Anniversary. I don’t know how I will get through the day. Sending hugs your way


My thoughts are with you take care

You will get through the anniversary although it will be hard. 4 months after my husband died it would have been our 40th wedding anniversary. I took myself off to a place special to us and did lots of walking and remembering. It was hard but i felt close to him. I lost him last May.

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Losing a partner is very hard to deal with .
My partner passed almost 2yrs ago now with stage 4 cervical cancer.
She battled for 3yrs and i was her sole carer and i witnessed some awful events .
I miss her so so much and since her passing my life has been no easy feat.
We were together for 22yrs and went every where together.
My partner loved celebrations and just the preparation was something magical .
I would almost be a bystander as it was her thing.
Now she is not here i can not achieve nearly anything on par.
I dont socialise, i dont go out unless i have to .
My health has deteriorated and i get so angry and i dont value myself as i should.
The nightmare of changing names on utilities, telephone accounts,you name it ,her name was on it.
My life will never be the same again and i feel so lost.
I have some idea how your life feels now and its not a good place to be.
But talking on here is so helpfull as someone will aleays get back to you .
And it shows people care and understand you.
Look after yourself you desereve it .

Sorry for all your loss I lost my husband 9 months ago we were together 51 years and I have been going through exactly the same as you I thought I was ill with all the motions I was going through but when I came onto this site I realised that everyone was going through the same as myself
I’ve had Bereavement councilling and coming onto this site hopefully is really helping me thank you

Tthank you for your kind words. life is so cruel. im so down my grown up children have there own lifes but there not really much surportive. iv had to get lodgers in my home as i could not afford it but i hate people in my home and one of them has his room that wouldant be fit for a dog its discusting they keep leaving switches on iv told them i dont know how many times. im looking for another job so i can get them out. i love the job i got but it just dont pay anymore and dwp wont even help me thats why i had to get lodgers was told to sell van and move thats the sort of country we live where the uk cizens dont count im fighting my husband pension company and hmr as well. i was offed jobs before xmas but did not want to leave my job. but its just stoped dead but the worse thing is my husband not being here. i have dogs and have thought of having them adopted so i can just walk away from my home but why shoud they have to go though that its not there fault. i just dont see the point anymore. my hubby was at home for just over 2 years so was always there he use to say to me that its not right that people should spend that amount of time togeather but im glad we did and now i cant stand to stay in anymore im in and out of the house like a yoyo. im litualy crying all the time i wake up thinking of him. my doctor has said i am border line deprssion and i should speek to a counciler but that will not bring him back iv never gotton over my dad of 9 years let alone hubby my soulmate i love and miss my hubby so much my heart feels like it is breaking. i just really want to walk away from everythink if mum wasant here i think i would of walked away but i have to be strong for mum as she is elderly i couldant bear putting mum though that she is all i got left now. i dont really want to go to the rbl anymore or see anyone i feel so sad and alone

Hi Donna23 life is very cruel but on this site you will find you get a lot of support I too have just had my first Christmas without my husband and yes it was terrible I’ve seen a Bereavement councillor who put me on the right path and I thank her for that I still have a long way to go this site has definitely helped me although I miss my husband so much and cry every day but I am actually beginning to feel a little hope