Losing a partner

Having lost my husband 10 weeks ago after being with him a lifetime, depression has set in. I have friends but they have their own lives. I feel like a “spare” if I venture out. I feel I’ve lost who I am. I’ve zero confidence and self worth . I keep busy but even in the team I’ve been in for over a year I feel the lowest and least important. I dont want to be that person whom everyone avoids as they bring the mood down but i also dont want to answer dishonestly when asked how I’m doing. There are so many conflucting opinions from get out and do things you’re free live a new life or they say dont take on to much and wallow in your grief.


@Maggie12 sadly my experience of grief shows me that people in general would prefer not to confront it . I tend to have a solitary life these days , which after being part of a loving relationship feels very lonely xxx


You are so right Maggie. Its 10 weeks for me too . I realised early on that I would have to sort me out on my own.
I neither want nor need people to feel sorry for me. I cant expect them to understand and am just getting on with it.
I am lonely and miss my Susan terribly. I am slowly regaining my self confidence and i know my self worth, so i know there is a future: not the one i had hoped for for sure.


Hi am Ellen I lost my husband with dementia. 2022. I miss him so much. He’s my partner and I love her. I miss him so much people don’t understand or family how much you feel. Yes I am lonely. I need somebody to talk to

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@Ellen2 hello I’m so sorry your partner has died . Mine died in January 2023, it was sudden and unexpected. I am still feeling shock , I’m extremely isolated and lonely and I very much need someone to talk to .
My mum died from a lengthy battle with Alzheimer’s in 2021, so I totally understand that you were probably experiencing grief beforehand too . We certainly were with mum .
The loss of my partner though , has devastated me . I will never get over him and I feel sad all the time . I’m hoping to feel moments if joy someday but at the moment, this is not happening. Take care xxx