Losing a partner

I lost my partner in mid January, 2024.
We were together for 4 wonderful years and we shared so much.
Life has changed so much and wonder if it will ever feel the same again. I think of him when I wake up, all day and at bed time.
It feels like Groundhog Day and honestly hope it eventually will feel better a tad, at least.
I have a busy life with wonderful adult children and lots of friends but yet I feel so lost and lonely with a constant under-lying sadness.


That is a feeling I know too well, sorry for your loss, I lost my lovely wife 3 months ago today and it still seems like yesterday, like you I have busy work life and family all around but feel I have no one , when alone I just think about her nonstop and just want to hold her again but know I can’t, it is a lonely life we have now x

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Hi Glyn,
So sorry for yr loss and equally I identify with yr feelings of pain. I realise that we are all on a very lonely journey and each of us needs to find our own way - but it is so hard.
Today I went out abd saw a funny slogan chalked on a board in a restaurant and thought I would tell my partner ot take a pic of it for him, knowing he would find it funny too. Then that awful realisation kicks in, when yr says that you can’t go that- those moments get me every time.
Feeling a bit deflated now as really trying but a simple thought can send you spiralling into utter sadness.
Thinking of you though Glyn.