Losing a shared pet after your loved one dies

My little dog woke me up this morning, the up shot of which he was put to sleep by the vet. I am bereft, he’s another link I had with my dear husband who passed away 16 months ago. The feeling has come rushing back and I feel almost as bad as I did back then. Has anyone else suffered the same situation and how have you coped. People seem to think because he wasn’t a human it doesn’t matter but I am devastated and in shock. It all happened so fast.


Dear Sandan75. I really am so sorry this has happened to you and know how you feel i had to have my beloved border collie Drift put to sleep a week ago today he helped me so much after my husband died and i am so heartbroken and lost without him . as you say people dont understand the deep bond we have with our dogs and say it was only a dog you can get another one i am now totaly alone and life seems pointless now. If you need to talk iam often on here. Love and hugs to you. Jenny. X

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@Sandan75 how very sad for you. Any loss is worthy of grief and animal companions are truly loved. I hope you have some people around you who can offer the compassion you deserve. It’s totally understandable that this heartbreak has left you feeling bereft. Sending you condolences and best wishes xx

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Thank you, your kind words are so helpful, Kye was my little buddy, he would follow me everywhere. I hope you’re coping with your loss, it is incredibly hard and lonely and I hope you are supported by someone in your life, I have my 2 boys, the older of them has his own family now. The younger is so devastated. Kye slept on his bed every night so they too were close.

So sorry to hear your dog died, it’s heartbreaking when we are already struggling and heartbroken.

My wonderful husband off 56 years together died suddenly September 2022 then on newyears eve Dec 2022 our trusted and loved dog was hit by a car and died.

My children helped me find another dog, puppy this time, my husband and myself previously always had rescue dogs, the puppy gave me a focus and is now a year old.
It’s be a challenge and still is at times but l love her, she gives me a reason to get up and out.

I cry everyday for my lovely husband and have found this Christmas particularly hard, wishing that he was still here ( lm sure everyone feels this ) l know he would won’t me to give another dog a home, and have company.

There are many dogs looking for loving homes, maybe you will feel able to welcome another dog into your home, or maybe a cat.

Take care thinking of you x

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Thank you take 2, I’m so sorry for your loss, I lost Stephen July 22, I too found this Christmas extremely difficult then with this happening on Boxing Day just confirmed I never want to celebrate it again. My young son who is 13 is devastated by the loss. Life is incredibly cruel sometimes

Yes life can be cruel, but blessings like our children help us to keep going, l am so sorry you have both encountered two massive loses in a short time.

When and if you decide on another pet, they sometimes find us, very early days at the moment.

love to you both take care xx

I have welcomed another little boy into my home, a couple posted on Facebook that a 2 year old Shih Tzu needed a loving home because they’re both working. I went to meet him and ended up bringing him home with us, my 13 yr old son is besotted with him, his name is Rocky. He follows my son everywhere.

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Wonderful news a new pet for you all, so pleased your son has a new little friend to follow him around.

I wish you all comfort and beautiful moments and memories, that are with us always .

Love to you all x


Thank you, you’re so kind x