Losing a very close friend

I dont know how to add a category to my post. I lost my best friend after 16 years of friendship. We used to work together, then started going to the movies when my then bf moved abroad and i didnt like going alone. Fast forward 14 years, after weekend visits (when we lived far apart, i moved to another country), weekends away, texts every day unless out of signal. Always there in a crisis. We did so very many thngs together. Everything except be a couple, i loved him and he lived me but he completely reminded me of my brother so we could never have a romantic connection. He was the sweetest, calmest person i knew. The first person to go for everything. Work problem - no issue. Life crisis - happy to talk about it. Crazy thing i want to do - can he come along too.

Then one day he had a seizure before work, was diagnosed with a brain tumour and 18 months later he was gone.

This was almost 10 years ago now and some days the pain is as raw as the day he died. Some days Iā€™m a functioning human being, other days less so. My friends all have their own problems,my siblings too. My partner did meet my friend briefly before he died but does not do well with problems that he cannot solve so he does not cope well with long term emotional issues. He lost both his parents suddenly 3 years ago and appears to have hardly missed a beat in life since the initial shock of it.

Sometimes i feel so lonely and broken.

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Hello @Ali64, thank you for reaching out and telling us about your friend. It sounds like he was so special to you, and I am so sorry for your loss.

I wondered if you have ever had bereavement counselling to help you cope with your grief? Sue Ryder offer free online bereavement counselling which is held via video chat. Cruse also offer counselling, which you can find out more about here.

It sounds like you are feeling very lonely right now. Most of our members have experienced the loss of a loved one and will identify with your feelings of your loss still sometimes being raw a decade on. There is no time limit for grief, and I hope you feel you can keep posting here for support.

You are not alone - take care.