Losing a wife at a young age

Hi all, just some advice and support needed. I lost my wife in 2014. It’s coming up to the anniversary of it next month. Just wondering how anyone who has suffered this deals with it each year. I feel like I’m getting worse each year that goes by. I was 28 when she passed away

How desperately sad and at such a young age. I’m 9 months in to this horrible journey and I wonder if life will ever feel normal again. I worry that I will forget how much I loved my husband as time goes by because sometimes it’s almost as though everyone else in this world move on so quickly.

Clearly you are prove that we carry out grief for many years to come and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I wonder how your life has changed / developed over the following years.

I’m so sorry that you are still suffering, it shows your depth of love for your wife

Dee xxx

Hi Dee, thanks for your kind words. I don’t think unfortunately you ever move on from it. Just find ways to cope better. It’s hit me more in the last year. Almost like before I was numb to it

There is a good chance that you were numb to it all, possibly coping with the shock. It’s amazing what the body and mind can do to protect ourselves.
It doesn’t matter how long ago your loss was I find it very useful to be part or a site like this. The support is there even though we don’t know each other.

Keep posting if it helps to try and gain some understanding of how you are feeling. It helps to know there are people out there listening , especially those who know exactly how it is

Dee xx

I was scared to post. I don’t really do social talking about myself but need the support at the moment

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Well we are glad you took the plunge. You can say as much or as little as you want here.
Sadly the one thing we have in common is that we have all suffered a loss but for me it’s one of the strengths of this site because we really do!! how it feels, the devastation, the fact that one day we can feel ok and the next it’s like we’ve been hit by a bulldozer.
Nobody expects anything more or less than what you need to help you get through this nightmare.

You can talk about anything. Good things you have done, the weather :thinking: what ever!!

Keep reaching out.
This site also offers support services if you feel that would help

Dee xx

Thanks Dee, I deffo will be posting more in the future. It’s a daily struggle for me at the moment. I completely understand the one min ok next your low. Xx

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Oh Chris, to lose your wife at 28 is so desperately sad. It must have been a living nightmare for you.

Time is such a strange thing for us in our loss.

I agree totally with Dee. Some days I feel like I can see light at the end of the tunnel, then the next day I am in the darkness and depths of despair again.

Last night I could imagine my husband sitting at home with me like he used to do, it was so vivid. Then of course I’ve tossed and turned all night and woken up with the familiar feeling of dread in my stomach.

I’m so sorry it’s a daily struggle for you Chris. I hope that by speaking to others that you will find some peace and comfort from your daily battles.

Grief is so complex, and although I had already lost my lovely parents who were both in their eighties, losing my soulmate of 40 years to cancer when he had just turned 65 has turned my world upside down. I will never be the same again.

We are here for you, look after yourself

Janey xx

Thanks Janey, hope your ok. A silly think to say I know. Being I was so young I really had to grow up when it happened. It wasn’t a sudden death but it didn’t make it any easier to deal with xx

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