Losing both parents before I turn 33

I lost my mum when I was 11, and I lost my dad in April this year before I turned 33.
Losing my dad has brought back up a lot of unresolved trauma from when I lost my mum, and has left me feeling a bit lost on top of my grief.
My dad’s death was sudden and hasn’t been given cause of death yet, which has now been led to an inquest. This won’t be settled until December, which is making me feel like I can’t get closure.
Has anybody got any suggestions on how to deal with the loneliness, feelings of being lost, and how to deal with delayed closure.

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Hello, I am sorry for you loss but pleased you have found the community. It’s always difficult when someone who is very special leaves us but having to wait for such a long is difficult. The only thing I can think may help is finding extra things like clubs or social volunteering. These kind of things are not easy to do when you are on your own and the first time you walk into a room all by yourself is very hard but honestly it is worth the effort. I hope others will come forward with ideas. Take care Sxx

Dear Lonely 245

I see my colleague Susie123 has already answered you yesterday, and thought I would see how you are today.

Such a big thing to deal with, in a way you are dealing with the loss of both your parents, as you were so young when your Mum passed away. Are you an only child? if you are then feeling like an orphan is a challenge in itself. I’m so sorry.

You can’t hurry things legally, so all you can do is take every day as a step closer to the closure you need, and to do the very best for you every day. I know you don’t feel like it, but spoil yourself occasionally. Call a friend and go for walks, that is if you live near a park or the countryside.

We are all here for you, so although we don’t have definitive answers to ease your pain now, hearing what other say and reading their experiences will hopefully help you, and make you feel less alone.