Losing both parents in 2 months

I wanted to ask you how you cope watching someone you love dearly losing their life to this disgusting illness. I lost my Dad in March and now my Mum is losing her fight against Multiple Myeloma. I’m sitting at her bedside now in the hospital watching this tiny but mighty lady that means the world to me literally fading. The cancer is affecting her brain now and she can’t speak and can’t open her eyes. Swallowing is also difficult. I’ve been sitting here all night dreading her passing away. I am not sure if I should be here when that time comes or not. Im scared for what is going to happen to me afterwards as I have no family and no one now that my Mum is going to go. I am
so broken and devastated I don’t think I will ever be able to get over this: it is like being in a terrible nightmare . I’m trying to be strong for my Mum but my heart is broken and it actually physically hurts me to imagine my life without my best friend and Mum. Please tell me that you can cope when something like this happens as I don’t think I can . I’m broken and I feel like I’ve died too. I’m having manic attacks and chest pains and I don’t know how I am going to carry on without my mum. She was my best friend and the only person I’ve ever really trusted.


Claire, how heartbreaking for you and I can fully understand how you are feeling. The community is here to help support you and help yo give you strength. It is a horrible ordeal you are having to face and my heart goes out to you. Cancer of any type is unforgiving and I do hope your mum is getting lots of care. You must also look after yourself and you will get through this. We all on here have had those manic attacks and feelings of total helplessness and we are always here to support you.
Blessings and love being sent. S xx

I feel your pain. I post on here a lot for several years now, after losing my parents.

my mother, and father, were the only people that I trusted as well.


I am so sorry you’re having to do this. I lost my mum suddenly 15 weeks ago nearly. For 3 days we watched her on life support and had to make the choice to turn it off. I knew the day before it was going to happen and like you I was terrified. Panic. I had no clue what I was going to do without her. She was/is my best friend also.

It’s not been easy. Do you have children or a partner? I have 2 girls and I’m here because of them. I have to be here for them.

You do this however it feels right for you. Minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day. I didn’t know if I could be there at the end but I also realised I couldn’t not be. I’m glad I was there now. Well not glad but you know what mean.

Sending you my strength and love.

Keep talking.

Nic xx

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I am new to this site also, but so thankful I found it. I lost my mom a year ago, and my dad this last Sunday. I wasn’t through grieving for my mom when I lost my dad. I am totally devastated. So I totally understand. My thoughts and prayers are with you. May God send strength your way during this terrible time.

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