Losing both parents

I’m struggling so much. I lost my Mam when I was 19 and I’ve just lost my Dad this week and I’m only 33. I don’t know how I’m going to cope. He was my rock and I can’t breathe , I keep thinking about all the things I should have said to him and I feel so much heartache that he couldn’t say goodbye and live his life for longer. Does the pain get easier? :pensive:


So sorry to hear you are struggling. It so dreadful losing your dad. I know. I lost my dad three years ago. I cried everyday at some point for two years. I miss him so much.

It does get easier. When I think of my dad I think of happier times now whereas before all I could see was my loss.

I have a few second video on my phone that I watch. It’s my most precious possession. It’s as if a little bit of him is still here

Cry when you need to and talk on the forum. It’s a refuge when you need to express the grief and sadness. Take care x


Thank you so much for your kind words. I’ve just never felt pain like it and I was always his little girl even up until the age of 33! :slight_smile: And it’s just juggling all the emotions as it’s all so raw.

Honestly wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy, I hope I get to a point where I just remember the happy memories and not what could have been x


Hi I lost my Mam when I was 13 and have only recently lost my Dad now I am 52. I would try to make sure you get the opportunity to talk to someone about your loss. I found it helped me a lot talking about what had happened. I could only describe the feelings initially as brutal and you think you wont move beyond them… but with time it is getting a little better. I sometimes have to just try to ‘block’ the painful memories and instead remember what made Dad ‘Dad’ if that makes sense.

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