Losing brother

Hi everyone this year on 9th of June i lost my only brother, he was just 28. I don’t know what to do , is so hard and painful, he was my everything. My heart has broken in thousands of pieces .
I don’t know what to do, I’m lost…my heart start burning when i think about him. I don’t want this pain.


Hi Mihal

I am so sorry for your loss. It is the most painful thing in the world . I lost my fiancé in February and cannot even allow myself to think of our lovely memories because they are too painful. Just take each day hour as it comes talk to people about your loss it does help and hopefully one day you will be stronger and the lovely memories you have will make you smile again thats what I’m hoping for . Take care of yourself

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I too lost my brother very suddenly in January this year…totally unexpected…it is the worst pain I have ever experienced…I totally understand your pain… it is like you lose a part of you…im trying to live my very best life to make him proud …I keep telling myself he would hate me being sad.


No words to know how you feel its so unfair I do know what you are going through I too also lost my only brother on the 9th of June he was 52 just suddenly I was the one he had put as next of kin and was the one who had to sort everything out I didn’t think it had hit me as hard as it had and tbh not really sure how to deal with the crazy mixed emotions my heart really does go out to you and please if you want to talk iam here :heart:


Hi Mihai
So sorry for the loss of your brother. I’m right there with you… My bro was slightly over a year ago and it’s awful to be without him… But the pain does fade a bit, and talking definitely helps. It’s an ongoing process and I will always love and miss him, as you’ll miss your brother. Take care of yourself. X


Thank you all


Hi, I lost my only brother 6 weeks ago. I feel empty, the dreams are becoming more and more vived. I have been off work 6 weeks (they’ve been very good about it) I just can’t face going back and want to move home to support my mother and be around family and friends but there’s a lot of past trauma which I’m in therapy for. I’m a mess and got mental health problems which is making me push away people whilst grieving. My brother was younger than me and we were very close, I feel abandoned.


I’m sending mahoosive hugs and don’t ever feel bad for feeling the way you do my emotions have gone from being a crying wreck to being so angry to it’s not real to omg reality I’ve been like you pushing people away no one can say how long it takes to get over it because you don’t get over it you learn to cope my dad passed over 20 years ago it still hurts but the pain has got easier to deal with if that makes sense xxx