Losing dad

Dad passed away on the 7th December we lived together I miss him so much I thought I was coping went into his room today to have a tidy can’t bear to let go of his clothes just touching them I broke down x

Hello Jackie, i understand totally how you feel and heartbreaking it to be so close to that person but that person isn’t there. It’s very early on this horrible road and to have to deal with everything that it brings with it, there’s no need for you to do anything that upsets you, just walk away until you can deal with it.
If possible get someone to help and instead of wanting to sit and cry they may be able to make a more joyous occasion. When my mum went my sisters husband helped us clear away her things and he turned it into a celebration of her life. I don’t know if that would work for you but anything rather then being alone.
You done so well don’t let today get you down, you are strong and brave. Take one day at a time. Take care and look after yourself. Sxx

Hello Jackie
I lost Mum on 9th December and I wanted to acknowledge your post with kind thoughts and condolences.
Mum and I lived together too. It’s excruciatingly quiet.
You don’t have to "let go"of his clothes until you feel you want to. You’ll just know, you won’t even have to ask yourself. That maybe a month, several, a year or two, or not at all if that’s what makes you the most comfortable.
Take care of yourself, the time that has passed since your loss is nothing compared to your lifetime together, grieve at a gentle pace, in your own time. x

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Thank you Tina my condolences and thoughts are with you I know what you mean about it being quiet I wake up some mornings expecting to hear dad in his room I feel like it’s all a dream and he’s not really gone but then reality strikes and I realise he’s really gone

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